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High Quality Extraction Thimbles


Extraction Thimbles - Best Prices

Thimbles made of high grade cotton cellulose. Smooth interior surface. Absolutely seamless.

Fit most Soxhlet extraction units

  • Fat determination of meat and diary products
  • Determination of PCB in fish products
  • Determination of free fats in food products
  • Determination of pesticide residues in food products
  • Extraction of plasticizers from PVC
  • Determination of organic compounds in washing agents
  • Extraction of additives from livestock feed
  • Extraction of dioxins
  • Solid particle such as dust collection in air flows
  • Evaluation of liquid content in concrete slurry 

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In addition to Extraction Thimbles we offer over 16,000 products for use in just about any purification application including : 

  • Complete lab and process water systems,
  • Replacement filters for most laboratory water systems,
  • Lab process filters
  • Laboratory equipment of all types. 

We manufucture our own products and we also carry products form Barnstead/Thermo, LabConco, Elga Lab Water and many other high quality manufacturers. 

We offer : 

  • Technical Support For All Brands Of Lab Water Systems
  • Specilizing in Millipore and Barnstead Water Systems
  • Replacement Filters For All Lab Water Systems
  • Complete Water Systems.
  • Repair Parts
  • Water Distillation Systems
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Lab Process Filters
  • Engineering and Spec Support
  • Operating Cost Optimization 

We have decades of experience medical and high tech industries. 






High Quality Extraction Thimbles

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